Bed talk

It is a strange feeling I have, being back in my room after two days of staying away to be with H. It has been quite a routine for 12 years now and I have owned this place for just as long and yet my room still feels unfamiliar at times. It is like I get better sleep in H’s place and I tend to wake up quite easily when I’m in my own bed.

It is probably the comfort of not just the bed, but the feeling of warmth that you get from sleeping with the one you love.  The familiar snoring sounds you find soothing. The slight movements that sway you to sleep. And waking up to a drooling man beside you. Gross and adorable at the same time.

These sensations I try to take with me every time I am back home and alone in my own bed, but I fail to replicate them. Obviously.

And so I look forward to the next weekend where I leave this single bed, to the comfort of another room of my second home, to happily snore away in H’s embrace.



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