Pinoy Idol sucks

And in a big way.

I’ve had high hopes for this new Idol franchise. God knows how much we complained as to how the previous Idol offering from channel 5 paled in comparison to the American version. Technically, Philippine Idol was a disaster from the very beginning. But we still managed to love the channel 5 offering because despite the technicalities, they produced decent contestants. Most of the top 12 alumni have gigs from both the kapuso and kapamilya networks.

I never realized how much better that production was in comparison to the Pinoy Idol of Channel 7. To think that this is the No. 1 station in Mega Manila and Luzon, to think that they have the money and technical expertise, that the Idol franchise of channel 5 was even better.

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I’m Racist

Panalo grammar no? Yes, like Angelica Jones’ grammar and her infamous line in a congressional inquiry: “I’m not GRO, I’m model. I’m from That’s,” I wouldn’t mind saying that “I’m Racist” when all I can think about are evil words to describe the sheer stupidity of them americans in continuing to support the likes of Sanjaya.

Kala nyo seryoso no? Belat. 😛

I just don’t get this guy. Well, unlike the Diva who’s already tired of the big+black diva formula, I still appreciate this kind of singing style. I still love divas over rockers. I still prefer genuine talent over cutesy effects. The heck with Melinda’s (are you real?) humility. I listen to her for her talent and nothing else.  I’m a fag and stereotypical as it may sound most fags still want diva glitter over rocker glam.

So that’s why I don’t understand people like Sanjaya, and his supporters. He lacks the talent and he’s not even remotely cute! When I saw this little girl crying while Sanjaya was performing I was confused, bothered and irritated. What is wrong with that kid? Is she going to grow up to be a disturbed woman?

I love the talented South Asians particularly Indians, but Sanjaya, I don’t get him. I mean, if he’s gay I wouldn’t even support him. Yuck.

So I saw the spoilers from that popular AI blog run by a Filipino blogger (hey no links, he’s too popular anyway) and I learned that Stephanie Edwards was eliminated. Well, her rendition of “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” pales in comparison to Lani Misalucha’s version but to see that Sanjaya is still out there and the likes of Stephanie gets the boot just makes me wanna slap that south asian/american gay untalented bitch, and shove that crying girl into his behind just for kicks.


Hearing impaired

Sorry mah Filipino readers, spoilers below.

What is wrong with you America? Why oh why is Sanjaya still in? Is there an epidemic of hearing impairment in America that the we do not know about?

Brandon is out and Sanjaya is in? What the? Even our very own Miguel who we bashed day in and out during his PI stint is way better and way cuter than this… thing. Ugh.

Hay, thank heavens for Melinda and Lakisha, there’s still a reason for me to watch American Idol.