Work-Blog Imbalance

The past week has been grueling I have ignored this blog yet again. 

Sorry. 😭 

Work required me to get cooped up for a full week with colleagues to discuss and deliberate the future plans for our new project. And we have yet to submit a proposal which is due this Friday. 

Can’t say I am excited but I am quite anxious. To be honest I am scouting for other work opportunities but I’ve yet to see something that would really interest me. Plus of course the package should be at par with what I am having, if not better. 

So this is it for now, folks! I will get back to you soon! 👋🏼 


Hey guys. Work caught up with me and so my blogging is temporarily put on hold. But with temporary I mean just a couple of days. 

I’m still thinking of an interesting topic which I can devote my full attention to. As some of you blogger friends know, it’s not easy to put up a post when you’re really not into it. 

For know I ask for your patience. 


Back to my sanctuary (I Hope)

Okay so I posted earlier this morning that I will have a rebirth of this blog. Soon.

So the soon thing is kinda now. I think.

I realized that Facebook has almost killed blogging for some (if not most) of my blog friends. And now that Facebook is slowly killing us with the toxicity it now brings, it is probably time for me to return to blogging. This has been (or will always be) the sanctuary of my thoughts (and rants) and while FB offers the network that my current blog never had, I actually like the “distance” that it has now. I doubt it if people will be reading about this post anytime soon, but I don’t care anymore.

Also, I can moderate posts here, so there’s that freedom. 😛 Continue reading “Back to my sanctuary (I Hope)”

The Big Bad Blogger is…

Me! Yes! I am the Big Bad Blogger! Buwahahahaha!!!! *insert flames and lightning here*

Yeah right. I wish this blog has been that active and that controversial. It’s been a year or so since I attended a blog event, and even longer than that when I visited a restaurant organized by someone so that we can have reviews of the place.

Organized blogger events can be tricky.  As a blogger you feel that you have your reputation to protect since no one is there to protect or castigate you (an editor). But a part of you wants to please the owner since he thought about you and gave you something in return (food, for example).  I admit some of my posts from these blog events were slightly leaned towards pleasing the “client” of the organizer.  Yes I would put some “not so good” points there but generally it is more to “promote” the venue.  So typically pinoy, the hiya and utang na loob.

Anyway, after the initial organized blogger events, I still got invited to other events, but seeing that these events were not even my cup of tea, or outright promoting a product or a person, I just declined.  I have been struggling for years to bring focus to my blogging, and these events promoting just about anything is not helping. Eventually the invites stopped.

I am not as active as I used to be, but this issue of the Big Bad Blogger is hitting home and is giving bloggers a bad name. There are still a lot of us out there who blog because we genuinely enjoy (or despise) a product, food or service. We are grateful if we are acknowledged for being “the blogger to invite” for events but at the end of the day, we still need to maintain whatever reputation that we have. And no freebie can compensate for that reputation that we tried so very hard to establish.

So bloggers who still get those freebies or get paid to post, if you get invited for an event, please think of your readers, and not just what’s in that goodie bag. You have not been paid for blogging for years, why should that change?  Get a real job if you want to get paid. 😛

Read the controversial Inquirer article of Margaux Salcedo here…

And Anton Diaz, of Our Awesome Planet, insinuated to be the BBB has this to say…

Is online ranting getting out of hand?

Most blog or facebook posts would start harmless, talking about activities, sometimes accompanied with pictures, videos and what not.  On regular days this would be interesting for some, and nothing to most.  Posts like these would just pass our scans as we read through them. We comment, we interact, and there’s peace in the world.

But on special days, there are posts that sometimes catch our eye. Then people start to ask: ” What is with that post?” ” Who is he referring to?” “Why is he reacting that way?”

And then this is where it gets messy.  People would sometimes go through all the trouble analyzing, speculating and assuming.  Then sometimes it gets “personal.” Your space begins to feel that it is no longer yours because people start to intrude, asking you stuff and giving unsolicited advice and telling you how to do things.

Now, that’s fine and dandy but sometimes, some people get too touchy and then they tell you to talk to the person in a proper forum, complain to the authority who can handle the situation or just tell it to the person straight to his face. Worse, some people you do not even know starts to attack you and not just your posts.

Seriously? My posts? You, random reader, are telling me how to deal with my life on my posts?


My knee-jerk reaction would be something like “Hey, this is my space and I will put whatever I want to put and you do not have the right to tell me what and what not to do. Especially when I am using my resources, my energy and my time. So get the F**k off my site if you do not agree with me.”


“I do not come to your house and tell you how to discipline your children, how to pay for the bills, or how you cook your meals don’t I?”

Or am I wrong?

Is opening my space and allowing people to read my posts equal to allowing them to tell me how I should speak my mind? Is the line between online and real life, personal space already blurred?

I personally maintain that my space is my sanctuary, and only I will have the right to tell myself how I will use it.  If I want to rant about a person, a situation or a thing, I will do it in this space and i will not be allowed to be put to the task of how I should be doing it.  If I want to complain to a proper authority and in person, then I will do it without anyone having to tell me to do so.

What is so wrong with that?

How do you handle your online space ranting?

New Blog

Please visit my new blog: “Tales of an Online Stupident“.  Thank you again Ruby for that wonderful term. I hope I don’t have to pay for royalties for me to use it. Pwede bang libre na lang kita ng taho?

Through this blog I will chronicle my adventures, experiences, and trials as I venture into the world of Distance and Open Learning. I’m sure most of the time I will rant. 😛

By the way, I am currently enrolled at the UP Open University and I’m taking my Masters of Development Communication.

See you there blogfriends!