Why was I not nominated?

Hmph. So I realized too late that there’s this blog awards somewhere that I didn’t know of. So sue me if I didn’t know about your high and mighty awards.

So you see the theme of this entry? Pagmamaasim. Kapaitan. Sourgraping. LOL.

But anyway, I’ve had the following realizations why my blog was not nominated:

  • My blog is not popular (Go figure).
  • I’m not popular (blech).
  • I don’t take too many pics of what I eat.
  • I don’t take too many pics of where I go.
  • I don’t talk about technology (well technology that’s useful anyway)
  • I don’t talk too much about movies because my basic tenet in movie watching is, if I didn’t get sleepy, then it’s okay.
  • My idea of a MEME is “sleeping”.
  • I do not rant as much. Well I do rant but not enough. LOL.
  • I don’t cook and I don’t post pics of the galunggong I tried to fry last week.
  • I don’t do the deep-thinking, soul-searching thing.
  • I don’t do poems.
  • I don’t do too many political comments (well, sensible political comments anyway).

And my final reason why I was not nominated in that blog awards?


Now that’s sourgraping. Hahahahahahah!


Congrats to Ganns, Dylan, Jove and the others who were nominated. (Golf claps) 😛

Governor for All Seasons

Vilma as DarnaLooks like Ate Vi is the exception, rather than the rule. While almost everyone seem to agree that popularity (or being an entertainer) is not enough to ensure victory in running for public office (Goma, Pacquiao, Montano anyone?), most are in agreement that the Star for All Seasons should run for Governor of Lipa. Well, in fairness, Ate Vi is not necessarily inexperienced. She is on her last term as Lipa mayor and prior to winning this post she took public administration courses at the University of the Philippines. I have not heard of any corruption issues against her (although there are rumors that it’s actually Ralph who’s running the place).

I wonder what slogan she will use for her campaign? The “Lipa! Vilma! Lipa!” (obviously taken from her movie Lipad, Darna, Lipad) will not fit this time. Hmmmm…

  • Tagos ng Kape(ng Barako) – from Tagos ng Dugo (oo, korni. Hahahah)
  • Kapag Batangas ang Humatol – from Kapag Langit ang Humatol (pwede)
  • Ibigay mo sa akin ang Batangas – from Ibigay mo sa akin ang Bukas (ipilit?)
  • Alyas Governor Vilma – from Alyas Baby Tsina (mas pilit)
  • Batangas, Batangas, paano ka uunlad? – from Bata, Bata Paano Ka Ginawa (overr)

Or she could probably use the lines from her Barebrand este Bear Brand commercial

  • Remember, not just once, but 3 times na mayor! – Not just one, but two glasses a day (yak ang corni)
  • I’m two times better – It’s two times better (mas korni, at bakit two times better lang? hahahahah)

Go Ate Vi, run for Governor. I’ll vote for you kahit taga Cavite ako. 😀

Meanwhile, I leave you with this video. Magkaganito kaya si Ate Vi kung di sya manalo, considering that everyone predicts it will be a landslide win for her if indeed she pushes through with her gubernatorial bid? 🙂

At the gym: Apocalypto

I was so proud of myself at the gym today because I was so focused. You know… lift weights, hingal-to-death, sweating (and smelling?) like a pig, drank water from my ridiculously-looking orange-colored water bottle, and looked at buffed guys who, unfortunately, were not cute.

What was kinda distracting was not the sight of buffed and not-so-buffed men grunting from all those heavy weight-lifting, it was the TV, showing a pirated dvd of Apocalypto. Why on earth would you put on a movie like that inside the gym?

So while the guys were watching Apocalypto, I heard this conversation…

Kinda cute gym boy: Grabe no? Pupugutan sya ng ulo, paano kaya sya makakatakas?
Not cute gym guy: Baka magka super power biglang lumipad.
Me: (rolls eyes)
Gym instructor: Tagal na siguro nyan? Mga latino yan di ba?
Buffed-but-ugly gym guy: Yata.
Gym instructor: Mga taga Mexico yata, pero hindi yata lahat latino.
Me: (nearly faints)

Why Mayan gods, why?