Just my Luck

The day started out pretty badly. The venue of the convention I attended to was so far from where I live, I had to travel 2 hours to the city, and walk at least 300 meters from the MRT to the hotel. Conference participants didn’t care if their mobile phones rang loudly or how they answered just as loud and disturbed the whole plenary session. Add to that my lack of comprehension of scientific and clinical terms on TB. I’m a development communications graduate, not a nurse and definitely not a doctor.

But as fate would have it, the day ended weirdly, as I won the grand prize of P20,000 for the raffle that was drawn at the end of the conference. How ironic can it get? I was complaining the whole time, and yet I won the prize in the conference I “hated”.

My father (bless his soul) used to be very lucky in raffles, coming home from abroad with a television and a stereo system he won. Guess luck is in the genes?

Still I’m very thankful. Extra money to pay for important obligations could not have come at a more perfect time. I’d still have to share my small blessings with my colleagues, friends and family. A simple lunch or dinner is surprisingly enough to satisfy everyone. More bang for the buck, I guess,

Have a great weekend everyone!

Weekend! Yey!

I especially enjoy the weekend, as most of you would, because of the relative peace and quiet.

Of course a downside is that some of my neighbors opt to play their music systems a little louder than what I would prefer. And Celine Dion! Ugh.

Mom is giving the dog a bath. So cute. Yes I live with my mom, for my non-Filipino/Asian readers this is pretty common in this part of the world, parents living with their children even they get to be really really old.

Part of my weekend is also shared with H, as this is the only time that we can really be together. I am so looking forward to swim this weekend and fix my breaststroke. For those who still don’t know who H is, back read please.

Hope you have a great weekend guys!

Random musings: A date, japanese fauxsion, and foodstagram

Today H and I went out for a date after a looooong long while. It was nothing fancy, just something that we do after work, letting time pass by, waiting for the rush hour to ease.

I appreciate times like these with H. When we are the office we tend to be really professional and stiff. There used to be a time that we were super careful in even making small PDAs, as we felt that being officemates and lovers would be an issue. It probably still is, but we care about it less now than we used to.

Though that may have eased, still we can never be as relaxed as when it is just the two of us. We were having so much fun chatting that we didn’t even instagram our food! (Sidebar: Sumosam should really think about reinventing their Japanese Carbonara. It succeeds as regular carbonara, but mixing in shrimp tempura doesn’t make it japanese fusion, just sayin’)

Which is why we didn’t bother to take photos of the food for the ‘requisite’ instagram post. Its not really fusion but more of faux-sion (fake fusion? Hehe).

Speaking of which, I personally feel foodstagramming really ruins the dining experience, especially when you are out with your loved ones. Imagine wasting your time taking photos, tagging, and sending them out to the social media platform when the time could have been used to just talk, catch up on some chika, and just being there to enjoy the moment.

Okay, enough of my random musings. How did you spend your day today?

Iskolar Than You. Overreacting than you.

I find it funny how an online debate has sparked out of the “Iskolar Than You” freshie t-shirts being sold by UP’s Circle of Entrepreneurs.

Granting it’s a little bit arrogant (just a little, mind you), but as a former Isko of PLM and UP, I take pride with the education I got from these fine institutions. I am proud to say that the taxpayers’ money have been put to good use.

That being said, I also believe that it is not enough for iskolars, UP or otherwise, to just take pride in their scholarships through these merchandises. They can do much better. The true test of being a worthy isko or iska is to be a good citizen of this nation, to contribute to its growth, and to lead lives that are worth emulating. A cooler Isko or iska is worth more than a fancy statement shirt.

So what do you think of the “Iskolar Than You” shirt? Cool? Uncool? Meh? Or are people just overreacting, again?


The statement shirts. Kinda cute (I was referring to the mestizo guy in the middle).

Zen Zest Launches Mouthwatering ‘Sparkling Sugar’ Collection

ZEN ZEST, the Philippines’ most respected line of personal bath and body products, takes inspiration from delicious sweet treats for its new Sparkling sugar collection of fragrances.

The Sparkling Sugar collection’s fruit-inspired fragrances are sure to please with their crisp and clean scents. Indulge in Key Lime Pie, a delightful citrusy fragrance that combines the unique aroma of tart green key limes with the comforting aroma of creamy milk, or Watermelon Sorbe, which brings sweet summer all year round with the refreshing scent of sun-ripened watermelons, made even more delicious with light kisses of lemony citrus and sugar.

The Sparkling Sugar collection also has a couple of rich, creamy pastry-inspired fragrances. Vanilla Ice Cream marries the warm scents of fresh vanilla beans and milk with a light honey undertone for a distinctly delicious fragrance; Cherry Cheesecake surrounds you with the sweet, lightly tart scent of the ripest red cherries, plus the twin comfort aromas of vanilla and honey.

The ZEN ZEST Sparkling Sugar collection is now available at all ZEN ZEST retail outlets at many major malls at 120 ml. and at PhP140 SRP.

I got my prize! Yey!

I got a text message from my mother today. My prize from Nat Geo was re-delivered by DHL. Remember last time I was complaining of the customs charges of around P1500+ to get my items? Turns out I don’t have to pay anything anymore, and that the sender has already paid for the charges.

What a pleasant surprise! And I didn’t even formally complain to Nat Geo. The last time DHL contacted me I said I’m not going to pay for the fees and they can return the item to the sender.

Miracles still happen noh? Or was DHL scamming me for a fee that I shouldn’t be paying in the first place? Doesn’t matter, because my Nat Geo goodies are finally with me! Yey!

Thank you, National Geographic and Sony Ericsson. 🙂


I probably did something terribly awesome (or probably, just something terrible) in this blog to attract the attention of some icons in the blogging world.  But suffice it to say that I will be a part of an endeavour (o di ba british spelling) that will hopefully be of relevance to more people, and not just readers of blogs, everywhere.

Watch out for it.