No pain no gain, my foot!

I just want to kill the person who coined that phrase. For real.

As the new year started I really wanted to push forth with my plans of reducing my weight. I believe that by December I have already been 10 lbs over weight.  I have been generally sedentary the past 6 months save for the 1 or two visits to the gym, which have been generally lousy since I was cheating on myself.

So at the 4th day of the month I decided, I will jog again.  I really felt good after to be honest.

That’s until I woke up this morning.

I was in pain, I walk as if I’ve just given birth, and I feel a slight elevation in my temperature. But I proceeded to go to work since I thought I will be just fine. I was wrong.

By noon I was having a fever and the pain in my legs and thighs seemed to have radiated towards my back and arms. Days before my mom and brother have been having fevers themselves, which they got from a visiting aunt.  So, I am pretty sure that I got the fever/colds from them, and the jogging has aggravated the situation.

Now obviously I won’t be able to jog again tomorrow, since I have to rest till this fever breaks and disappears. I still want to continue to jog and I want to do it again soon.

But for the meantime, ouch, ouch, ouch!

Swine Flu… should we panic?

The answer is, of course not.

To date, we have 46 cases.  Wow. That’s… big. And we’re like, how many?

91.1 friggin’ million.  So how big is the percentage of H1N1 cases relative to the population? I’m no statistics expert but that’s way below zero point something something percent (how terribly inaccurate but you get the drift).

So why are people panicking and succumbing to fear from something that is easily preventable?

Ignorance and stupidity.  When the DOH reported an increase in the cases from zero to the 46 we have now, we immediately associate every case as that person being sick, and probably dying.  But we forget that about 80 to 90% of these patients have already recovered, sometimes even without the need for medicines.

Okay, that is not to say that H1N1 is not dangerous. Yes it is infectious, and yes we need to take care of ourselves. But panicking does not help. Nor false text messages, nor over-reacting.

Again, the symptoms of H1N1 is similar to the regular flu, but if you get the symptoms and start thinking if you got the dreaded disease, use your brain first.  Trace back, and ask yourself: Did you even go to areas or countries affected by the disease? Did you know of anyone with the disease? Did you even remember washing your hands or did you cover your nose and mouth when you or someone else sneezed? If the answer to any of that is no, then you should die not because of H1N1, but because you are an ignorant moron and you opted to panic rather than think rationally.

There is a bigger, and constant danger of Dengue, where the culprit does not care if you washed your hands, or covered your mouth, or if you traveled to the states.  But just the same if you followed certain precautions, you’re safe.

So use your head people.  You will save more lives that way.

A Relaxing Day at Nurture Spa, Tagaytay

I have been planning for months now to have a bit of pampering in a spa. I’ve had a couple of massage sessions before but I could not get regular massage because of my schedule, and mainly, because of the exorbitant prices. 🙂

So when Dr. Mike Turvill, through Ms. Claire Agbayani, invited me and Bridget to join a couple of other bloggers for a day of pampering at Nurture Spa in Tagaytay last August 31, I just couldn’t say no. I have read and heard a couple of wonderful stories about this place and I just have to experience their pampering services.

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Bits and Pieces

Another semester is over but I still have a long way to go. Sometimes I’m kinda surprised to know that I have actually learned something. When I took the final exams I was relieved I understood everything. Or so I thought I did.


I’m still thinking if I’m going to enroll next semester or file a leave of absence. I’m still not quite stable and I don’t know if I will have the extra time or the money. Signs, signs… give me the signs…


I just recovered from the Flu. Or what I thought was the flu. I had an inkling it was dengue because I did not even have colds or something. Just fever and body pains. I just drank lots and lots of water and took paracetamol till my liver collapsed. Kidding. I’m better now though.


I want to finish the two rolls inside my two cameras but I don’t know what to shoot!


Okay back to work now.

Thank you ma’am, sir!

Thank you again guys for your comments on my last post regarding my mom’s illness. I am happy to report that she is much much better now although she needs to have a blood work-up done to assess what really caused her hypertension.

Unfortunately I was also struck by conjunctivitis (aka sore eyes) this weekend and I was only able to report for work today. I stayed home for almost a week and nearly went insane.

So today I was eager to leave the house and… gasp… go to work! You know I love my mom to bits, but her small whinings were getting to me, so I had to leave soon or we’ll end up in a fight. It’s gonna be a terrible fight when two “kulots” do it believe me. 😛

Now I’m back. My eyes are still a bit pinkish (like my cheeks) but my doctor said that this is no longer contagious so… time to surf for porn once again. Hahaha kidding!

Or not.


It’s been 3 weeks since I last saw Bridget! He even got sick and I wasn’t able to visit him because of my highly contagious eyes. Poor baby. 😦

I will see him tonight, though. So… yay!

The fear of re-living that horrible day.

My Tuesday did not end as usual is it should have. I arrived at home, surprised to find my mother lying on the wooden “sofa”, mumbling something, and in terrible pain. My brother said that she had an attack of hypertension hours ago and she has been vomiting since 5 pm (I got in at 8:30). Aside from the hypertension, she is also having a massive hyperacidity attack.

My whole body went numb, but I didn’t show my panic. I kissed her cheeks and asked how she felt. She barely said anything. Minutes later she asked to be assisted to the CR. She vomited again. I can clearly see very yellow stuff coming out. This is pretty serious.

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Huff… puff… buff?


Disclaimer:  The image above is not me, but I hope to have that body soon. As in real soon.

Well it has been two weeks since I went back to the gym. I know it is too early to tell if it has an effect on my physique (naks) but what I did notice is that I am starting to gain my strength back, the terrible body pains I’ve had were all gone, and I am more energized.

I usually start my routine with a 30-minute walk/run on the treadmill. I have no problems with walking since I walk a lot. But it was harder for me to run/jog. With the treadmill I managed to just jog a maximum of two-minutes, then I’ll go back to walking (and a lot of huffing and puffing). But I still managed to finisha total of 30 minutes on the machine. It helps that Britney Remixes, Madonna, Linkin Park, Disturbed, System of a Down and Whitney Remixes accompanied me while I torture myself.

I increased my cardio activity because I really want to lose all the excess flabs I have around my waist. No point lifting all those weights if my babyfats (yak!) won’t get burned.

Anyway, I hope to lose some of the weight soon. I know, 145 lbs at 5’6″ may not be too bad, but I want to see a flat tummy. I’m tired of sucking my tummy in and pretend it was not there. I want my 6-pack abs to be rock hard baby!

Gym ulit bukas!