Close To You – A Valentine Collaboration

My special day with Bridget this Feb 14th was a bit different.  Rather than spend it with him in a fancy (yuck fancy daw) restaurant or a movie, we spent the day shooting for an MTV.  Yes, MTV.  Bridget’s organization sponsored an MTV-making contest for the employees as a way to spend valentine’s day.  While we found the idea corny at first, we actually had a wonderful time creating the short clip.  Bridget was the writer/cameraman/director, while I did the editing. Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes, eat your hearts out. Chos.


Merry Christmas!

The family

Merry Christmas my friends, from moi and my growing Lomo/ToyCam Family:

From the top: Miranda (Holga), Nikka (Konica EF), Ripley (Vivitar Ultrawide & Slim), Chichi (Elcheapo Panoramic Camera) and Java (Coffeejar Camera).

Not in the picture: Kimberly (Kodak KB10)

Photo taken by Sonny, my award winning Sony Ericsson K610i mobile phone.

I know, adik. But it’s not even half of what the other guys have. I really do not have the money to buy those expensive lomo cameras, so I just have the cameras that I will enjoy for a long time.

Watch out for the babies of Bridget (well our babies na rin actually) next year!

The Question

It was a simple afternoon.

We were not in a romantic dinner setting.

There was no ring.

No violins playing.

No subdued lighting.

It’s just us.

And our love for each other.

I thought it would never happen to us, but it did.

The sound of the word “Yes” moved us to tears.