Iskolar Than You. Overreacting than you.

I find it funny how an online debate has sparked out of the “Iskolar Than You” freshie t-shirts being sold by UP’s Circle of Entrepreneurs.

Granting it’s a little bit arrogant (just a little, mind you), but as a former Isko of PLM and UP, I take pride with the education I got from these fine institutions. I am proud to say that the taxpayers’ money have been put to good use.

That being said, I also believe that it is not enough for iskolars, UP or otherwise, to just take pride in their scholarships through these merchandises. They can do much better. The true test of being a worthy isko or iska is to be a good citizen of this nation, to contribute to its growth, and to lead lives that are worth emulating. A cooler Isko or iska is worth more than a fancy statement shirt.

So what do you think of the “Iskolar Than You” shirt? Cool? Uncool? Meh? Or are people just overreacting, again?


The statement shirts. Kinda cute (I was referring to the mestizo guy in the middle).

There’s an Alec Baldwin Issue?

Gumana na naman ang pagka-OA at balat-sibuyas ng Pinoy. Apparently any joke that’s about us needs to be blown out of proportions. As if naman we’re not prejudiced to other races.  They do not complain when we call the African-American “negros”, or the chinese “intsik beho”, or the japs “sakang”.

Why aren’t the russians complaining? They’re part of the joke too. Does this mean they’re not affected? Or we’re just over reacting?

Please Loren and Bong, we know you are just using this as part of your strategy for the next election.  Stick to what you do best… doing nothing.

Pwede ba, bago mag react against discrimination, ayusin nyo muna ang mga sarili nyo. Everyone’s a little bit racist, or bigot, or prejudiced. Grow up Pinoy.

He is a Senator?

I am actually cussing while I watched the events unfolded yesterday. I can’t help it. This person is supposed to be a senator of this country, and yet he had the gall to undermine the criminal justice system by walking out of the hearing of his own case, and again try to launch an effort to topple the government.

Who voted for this whack job anyway? If only I had black magic I’d hex everyone who put him in the Senate. As in isusumpa ko lahat ng bumoto sa mokong na to na magka ketong. In the first place, that chamber is crazy as it is, dinagdagan pa ng isa.

He and this General Lim babbles about the illegitimacy of the Arroyo government then goes to proclaim that they will be installing a new government with new leaders. Hello! Mas unconstitutional kaya ang gagawin nyo, mga ungas!

Mrs. Arroyo’s government is corrupt, sure. I’d give you that, pero who’s government isn’t? Erap? Ramos? Cory? Marcos? Macapagal? Pwede ba wag kayong magmalinis. But to attempt to place an unconstitutional government to replace an “illegitimate” government (yet to be proven, mind you) is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

Some have complained of overkill the manner in which the police used their force to finish the crisis. Hello again, you think Trillanes would use lesser force if and when he succeeds in taking over the government? Militar kaya yan, hindi santo.

11 million voters voted for you Senator Trillanes. Sinasayang mo ba talaga ang boto nila? Pwes wag mong ipagmalaki ang 11 million mo, dahil 33 million ang hindi bumoto sa yo.

This guy should rot in jail. Yun lang.

Tomorrow is E-Day

Or Erap’s day.

Finally, after 6 years, the verdict will be out.

For someone like me who clearly remember participating in rallies and People Power 2, I obviously want him convicted.

Isn’t it stupid if he gets acquitted? Then that would just mean we wasted all our time and effort going to all those rallies for nothing?

If he gets acquitted, then all the allegations against him were made only because some greedy people want to grab power?

If he gets acquitted, then Clarissa Ocampo is a liar?

I have a gut feeling though, that this verdict will be watered-down. He will be convicted, but there will be a twist.



So what’s your prediction?

The List

I’m still having second thoughts about voting on May 14, but just in case I take the plunge, these are the persons whom I’ll be definitely voting for:

  1. Sonia Roco
  2. Joker Arroyo
  3. Kiko Pangilinan
  4. Ralph Recto
  5. Miguel Zubiri
  6. Manny Villar

We have 30 plus candidates and I can only choose 6? Ewww…

I’m still iffy with these people, I would probably vote for them, but I still need more convincing:

  1. Chiz Escudero – He’s kinda interesting, but I want to know if his bite is more than his bark.
  2. Mike Defensor – I give him A++ for his staunch loyalty to GMA. But he has got to lose those braces. And Boy Abunda.
  3. Noynoy Aquino – I’m sure he’s intelligent and honest. But he just doesn’t connect like his father. Kris would have been a better politician if only she managed to not screw her life and ended up in showbiz.
  4. Nikki Coseteng – I need another strong female presence in the senate other than Madame Miriam. But there’s something turning me off… hmm… Erap impeachment trial anyone?

And why I won’t vote for these people:

  1. Koko Pimentel – Dynasty? What dynasty? They’re just doing what Loi and Jinggoy did. LOL. But seriously, what can he offer other than flaunting his topping the bar exam?
  2. Alan Peter Cayetano – All bark, no bite. I’d love to have Dr. Belo work on his missing chin though.
  3. Prospero Pichay – Kaya kong tuparin ang sarili kong pangarap without the help of a vegetable, thank you. I’d rather vote for Susana Pichay (ang mag reak ka age level ko. hahahaha).
  4. Chavit Singson – Goodness! Do we need to emphasize that he’s a jueteng bagman for Erap? That he betrayed Erap because he’s too greedy for his own good? Nuff said.
  5. Tessie Aquino Oreta – Sabi ng kanta: “Sorry doesn’t make it anymore”.
  6. Tito Sotto – We have Lito Lapid, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla. It’s enough that these mokongs are doing nothing in the senate. Wag na dagdagan.

As for the rest… deadma na.

Governor for All Seasons

Vilma as DarnaLooks like Ate Vi is the exception, rather than the rule. While almost everyone seem to agree that popularity (or being an entertainer) is not enough to ensure victory in running for public office (Goma, Pacquiao, Montano anyone?), most are in agreement that the Star for All Seasons should run for Governor of Lipa. Well, in fairness, Ate Vi is not necessarily inexperienced. She is on her last term as Lipa mayor and prior to winning this post she took public administration courses at the University of the Philippines. I have not heard of any corruption issues against her (although there are rumors that it’s actually Ralph who’s running the place).

I wonder what slogan she will use for her campaign? The “Lipa! Vilma! Lipa!” (obviously taken from her movie Lipad, Darna, Lipad) will not fit this time. Hmmmm…

  • Tagos ng Kape(ng Barako) – from Tagos ng Dugo (oo, korni. Hahahah)
  • Kapag Batangas ang Humatol – from Kapag Langit ang Humatol (pwede)
  • Ibigay mo sa akin ang Batangas – from Ibigay mo sa akin ang Bukas (ipilit?)
  • Alyas Governor Vilma – from Alyas Baby Tsina (mas pilit)
  • Batangas, Batangas, paano ka uunlad? – from Bata, Bata Paano Ka Ginawa (overr)

Or she could probably use the lines from her Barebrand este Bear Brand commercial

  • Remember, not just once, but 3 times na mayor! – Not just one, but two glasses a day (yak ang corni)
  • I’m two times better – It’s two times better (mas korni, at bakit two times better lang? hahahahah)

Go Ate Vi, run for Governor. I’ll vote for you kahit taga Cavite ako. 😀

Meanwhile, I leave you with this video. Magkaganito kaya si Ate Vi kung di sya manalo, considering that everyone predicts it will be a landslide win for her if indeed she pushes through with her gubernatorial bid? 🙂