Yuck ano ba yun? Yun na yung winner?  Ni hindi ko maatim ma mention ang pangalan ha. Talent competition ba talaga ang Pinoy Idol o paramihan lang ng perang papasok? Anong ipinagkaiba nya sa local popularity contest na bilihan ng ticket ang labanan?  Kahit sa tatlong finalist walang may karapatang manalo kung pagbabasehan ay talento.

Congrats GMA sa bastardized version ng Idol nyo.

Hay naku sana wala nang sumunod na season. Sayang talaga ang Idol franchise sa Pilipinas.

Pinoy Idol sucks

And in a big way.

I’ve had high hopes for this new Idol franchise. God knows how much we complained as to how the previous Idol offering from channel 5 paled in comparison to the American version. Technically, Philippine Idol was a disaster from the very beginning. But we still managed to love the channel 5 offering because despite the technicalities, they produced decent contestants. Most of the top 12 alumni have gigs from both the kapuso and kapamilya networks.

I never realized how much better that production was in comparison to the Pinoy Idol of Channel 7. To think that this is the No. 1 station in Mega Manila and Luzon, to think that they have the money and technical expertise, that the Idol franchise of channel 5 was even better.

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Hearing impaired

Sorry mah Filipino readers, spoilers below.

What is wrong with you America? Why oh why is Sanjaya still in? Is there an epidemic of hearing impairment in America that the we do not know about?

Brandon is out and Sanjaya is in? What the? Even our very own Miguel who we bashed day in and out during his PI stint is way better and way cuter than this… thing. Ugh.

Hay, thank heavens for Melinda and Lakisha, there’s still a reason for me to watch American Idol.

Mau Marcelo: Philippine Idol

Since I have no internet connection during the weekends, my post is obviously late. So I just would like to congratulate the very 1st Philippine Idol, Maureen Marcelo.

Girl, this is your time to shine, own it, love your music, treasure your talent, do not forget your fans and you will go far. I am so happy I supported you all the way. Thank you for your wonderful gift.

To the other finalists Jan and Gian, you are equally deserving of the title. There was a brief moment when I felt that Jan would have won it. I would still be happy if he did, but of course I am ecstatic that it is Mau.

I am proud to be represented by these fine talents in the world stage.

Till the next Philippine Idol guys. Congrats to us all. 🙂

With the First Philippine Idol during the Big band Night

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Philippine Idol: On My Own

The jaw dropping performance of my Philippine Idol, Mau Marcelo:

I nearly died. Hay.

I think the fight is just between Mau and Jan.  Sadly, Gian lost it sa first song pa lang.

So when it’s all said and done, the two albums I will buy will be the albums of my Idols: Pow and Mau.

Congrats Philippine Idol! Despite the technical booboos (and the hideous wardrobe of Ryan A.) it was an awesome finals night.