I really don’t get why some people, in their so-called competitisore-loserve nature, become so sour and sore when they experience some levels of failure that they don’t care if they piss off people around them. Why can’t they just enjoy the moment and not spoil it with being all so know-it-all and do-it-all? Worse, they think that reprimanding is equal to mentoring.


Sorry. Ranting. Will be back with a more positive post tomorrow.

Corrupts Absolutely

As we go up the ladder of success, changes are inevitable.

You of course get a higher (if not better) pay, your responsibilities increase, and for most, you get new people who work under your supervision.

While a promotion or a step up the ladder is good news for most, there are also changes in the dynamics of people who used to be just within your same level.

If some people play their cards right, they would slowly gain the respect that is incumbent in the position, if they are wise enough their staff will almost always defer to their decision-making skills, and if they are smart enough they will almost always be on top of their game. A person emulated, admired, and respected.

But sometimes, people lose track and balance. In the attempt at getting better at work or coming up with decisions (hard, trivial or otherwise) some relationships are eventually strained. On the other hand, a boss who focuses more on maintaining the good relationship from former colleagues end up trying too hard in remaining friends, with decisions affecting friends clouding their judgment.  Either way, it is the staff that is usually at the losing end of the bargain. A helpless pawn.

But eventually, everyone loses.

I’ll just shut up.

Don’t you just hate it when a perfectly good weekend gets ruined and you kinda get the blame although you’re pretty sure it’s not your fault?

I know right?

I’ll probably just shut up. I don’t want the argument get more senseless as it already is.


As in dead tired.  I have been traveling to and from Pangasinan for about 2 weeks now and it’s not about to end soon.

Of course I’m always thankful that I have my work to get busy with. But the land trip is just torture. I travel a total of 18 hours to conduct an activity that lasts 3 hours. Three friggin’ hours. Then when I go home I get to rest at most two days only to back on the road and do it all over again.

So. Much. Fun. (insert sarcasm here)

If only all this traveling would make me thinner, but heck no. We end up eating more because we compensate for the fatigue.  I feel like I’m gaining an inch for every day that I travel.  And I have traveled A LOT.

Funny thing is I would be eager to go out of the house only after 2 days of staying home.

Given the choice (and the much-needed resources) I would still prefer going out to get that vacation.

I seriously need rest.

Is online ranting getting out of hand?

Most blog or facebook posts would start harmless, talking about activities, sometimes accompanied with pictures, videos and what not.  On regular days this would be interesting for some, and nothing to most.  Posts like these would just pass our scans as we read through them. We comment, we interact, and there’s peace in the world.

But on special days, there are posts that sometimes catch our eye. Then people start to ask: ” What is with that post?” ” Who is he referring to?” “Why is he reacting that way?”

And then this is where it gets messy.  People would sometimes go through all the trouble analyzing, speculating and assuming.  Then sometimes it gets “personal.” Your space begins to feel that it is no longer yours because people start to intrude, asking you stuff and giving unsolicited advice and telling you how to do things.

Now, that’s fine and dandy but sometimes, some people get too touchy and then they tell you to talk to the person in a proper forum, complain to the authority who can handle the situation or just tell it to the person straight to his face. Worse, some people you do not even know starts to attack you and not just your posts.

Seriously? My posts? You, random reader, are telling me how to deal with my life on my posts?


My knee-jerk reaction would be something like “Hey, this is my space and I will put whatever I want to put and you do not have the right to tell me what and what not to do. Especially when I am using my resources, my energy and my time. So get the F**k off my site if you do not agree with me.”


“I do not come to your house and tell you how to discipline your children, how to pay for the bills, or how you cook your meals don’t I?”

Or am I wrong?

Is opening my space and allowing people to read my posts equal to allowing them to tell me how I should speak my mind? Is the line between online and real life, personal space already blurred?

I personally maintain that my space is my sanctuary, and only I will have the right to tell myself how I will use it.  If I want to rant about a person, a situation or a thing, I will do it in this space and i will not be allowed to be put to the task of how I should be doing it.  If I want to complain to a proper authority and in person, then I will do it without anyone having to tell me to do so.

What is so wrong with that?

How do you handle your online space ranting?


Hey there! It’s been a really long while. This is just my 2nd entry this year! Gosh. Blame twitter and facebook and my propensity for short and quick things to do.

I just felt like writing today. I don’t know why. Maybe because I needed to blow off some steam.  I have been irrationally jealous lately. I feel threatened.  Blame it to the lack of self-esteem. I’m getting old and fat.

Maybe I’m pregnant? Coz pregnant women go through this too right?

Hey I said I’m being irrational, so cut me some slack will you?

Maybe it’s the moon, or the just the food I ate.

Smartbro Prepaid vs. Smartbro Fixed Broadband

slow internet

I’m not quite satisfied with my new smartbro fixed broadband connection. I feel that it’s slower than my previous smartbro prepaid connection. Aren’t they using the same technology? What gives?

If not for the unlimited thingie, I would not even bother getting the services of Smartbro. PLDT Plan 990 (landline + dsl) seemed to be a good bargain, but the advertised 356kbps speed turned me off because I think that’s too slow for a dsl connection. Now, I don’t know if I made the right decision.

Will monitor the speed for a week and if this does not improve, customer service should be prepared for a lotta ranting.