A win is a win

“Pacquiao Whips Aging Foe” says the Inquirer.net today. Hmmm. Is that a compliment or an insult?

I mean why would you even proud of your win if you whipped an aging opponent? It’s like saying, “Hey I bitchslapped my grandpa’s ass and you know it!”

And if Barrera was that old, why did the fight reach 12 rounds? It should have ended, at most, in round 6!

Either the businessman in Pacman wanted to earn more (via pay-per-view revenues), Barrera was stronger than they thought he would be, or the Pride of Gensan is losing his touch.

Kyla did great with her rendition of the Philippine National Anthem, though.

Oueno naman kung nanalo?

I find the Inquirer headline today funny and presumptuous. Manny won a prize fight. Period. Sure it was entertaining, sure it was fascinating, sure you will hand it to Pacman when you talk about his discipline in preparing for the fight. But he was sure to win it anyway, seeing how ill prepared Solis was. But uniting the Filipino people with a prize fight? Puhlease.

Anyway, he is unbeatable in the boxing ring, but it is not a boxer who will beat him but a woman, on May 14.

Welcome Home Hero

Nice to see you wearing that cowboy hat, very Filipino. Oh, is that a Porsche SUV? And why do you have human flower pots around you? Oh, Atienzas you say? Who’s that gangster looking dude? Ah, sabit este chavit.

What? You will have a statue in your honor at baywalk? Is that the same as those statues that move when you place money in their boxes? Interesting concept huh. I thought only heroes get their statues, DEAD HEROES. So do we kill you now?

OFWs are heroes too, in fact they bring in millions of dollars to the Philippines, why don’t they have statues? Oh I forgot, you give money to the government too when you pay your taxes. Why don’t you be a true hero and give your money to the masses? Build a foundation or a school.  Then your statue will be in a better place than in Baywalk.  Face it hero, your statue is going to be Mr. Flowerpot’s trophy when his flowerpot son runs as mayor.

All this hero worship is making me sick.


Congrats Manny for winning in a non-title fight against Morales. Congrats to ABS-CBN, you have managed to recoup all your losses with the millions worth of advertisement which made the people wait for ages to watch the fight.  Nagpapahinga na si Pacquiao sa Las Vegas, naghihintay pa lang ang mga tao na matapos ang laban ni Viloria.

At least hindi pumiyok si Sarah Geronimow.

Vice Pacman?

pacquiao.jpegOh my. Manny Pacquiao is running for Vice Mayor of Manila? If this is true, Manny should brace for the bashing frenzy.

Remember FPJ? He was well-loved and respected before he decided to run for the presidency. During the campaign he had to go through all the character attacks: his capacity to run the country because he is just an actor, his educational attainment, his links with Erap and his children from other women.

Baka naman akala ni Manny this is another product endorsement? 😛

Simula pa lang ng boxing!


Is there such a thing or a person in our country? People are so high with the success of Manny that we should re-name our country Republic of Pacquiao. Pinoys will be called Pacmen, and pinays will be called Pacwomen. Pag bading, Pac-la, pag tomboy, Jinkyboy.

Not surprisingly, some are not so impressed with Pacman and his antics (aka product endorsements) lately, which culminated in the Manny-a-money este Mano-a-mano extravanganza last Sunday.

I have previously stated why Manny would have lost to Larios. But he didn’t. Still not impressed though. But it was fun to watch at the very least.

Snglguy says hohum.

Iloilo City boy thinks pacman is getting greedy.

Professional Heckler has this to say.

Marocharim thinks that he’s going to die if he boycotts any of Pacquiao’s product endorsements.

Manny, ang laban mo ay hindi laban ng lahat kundi laban ng iyong wallet at bank account. You didn’t reach the 12th round because you wanted to give the audience a show, but because you have been complacent and you didn’t practice enough to even defeat Larios in 6 rounds. You will also rake in more money if the ads poured in for the duration of the whole fight. Congrats, you won.

Now let’s go back to reality and go on with our lives.

Ad Barrage, Extended and Delayed

Poor people like moi who had to watch the Pacquiao vs. Larios fight on ABS-CBN, had to go through hell watching the ultra-delayed and super-extended coverage of the fight. I’m sure by the time round 1 started, half of the world on pay-per-view and TFC have already known the result.

Not only that, we had to go through all those darn ads (mostly Pacquiao’s sponsors). Sure, the fight was exciting, and eventually Pacman won, but for crying out loud, I am just 2 seconds away from getting an atchara because naumay ako sa pagmumukha ni Pacquiao.

I was also 2 seconds away from wishing he’d lose so that all those darn sponsorships will stop and he’d be slapped back to reality.

Of course he eventually won and everyone’s happy, most specially the sponsors, promoters, ABS-CBN and Manny himself. Mayaman na naman ang mga mokong.

Here’s to more ads with Pacman’s mug all over the place. Till the next ad congress este Pacman fight.

Oh and will somebody just tell him to stick to boxing and stop singing?