Sorry guys. I’ve been very busy. As you may know I’m taking my Masters in Development Communication in UPOU and the past few weeks have been hectic due to the assignments which I have to submit before the deadline. Typical Filipino of me, I have only 2 days before the deadline and I’m still doing my last assignment. Not to mention I have to review for the exam on Saturday. Two exams, one pending assignment means… chaos.

So I’m cramming now. Remind me to never do this again. And remind me to choose my electives wisely, which means I should choose my elective based on its possible use for me, and not because it has the cheapest fee. Stoopid, I know. 😛

Anyway, see you around! I leave you with these photos, taken using my trusty Sony Ericsson K610i.

EDSA-Ayala Overpass

Same overpass, as I was going down the stairs.

Jeepney bound to PRC

I’m kinda leaning towards that “Lomo” look so I photoshopped the last 2 photos, using pre-set filters I found on the net. I don’t have extra money yet to buy an actual Lomo camera so this will do for now. 🙂

See you guys next week!

New Blog

Please visit my new blog: “Tales of an Online Stupident“.  Thank you again Ruby for that wonderful term. I hope I don’t have to pay for royalties for me to use it. Pwede bang libre na lang kita ng taho?

Through this blog I will chronicle my adventures, experiences, and trials as I venture into the world of Distance and Open Learning. I’m sure most of the time I will rant. 😛

By the way, I am currently enrolled at the UP Open University and I’m taking my Masters of Development Communication.

See you there blogfriends!

Back to school

I am about to become a stupident (thanks Ruby for your repository of wit) once again. I recently got accepted at the UP Open University. I will be taking my Master’s Degree in Development Communication. Of course this is different from the regular school setup since it is a open and distance education thing but I don’t think my schedule (naks parang ang busy ko) will accommodate going to Los Banos (where the regular, residency program is offered). Di naman yata makatarungan yon.

Kainis lang, I won’t get to see new faces, only once a month when I go to the learning centers for the mandatory learning sessions chuvaness. Hay. Can’t win them all. At least tipid sa baon at pamasahe. 😛