There’s an Alec Baldwin Issue?

Gumana na naman ang pagka-OA at balat-sibuyas ng Pinoy. Apparently any joke that’s about us needs to be blown out of proportions. As if naman we’re not prejudiced to other races.  They do not complain when we call the African-American “negros”, or the chinese “intsik beho”, or the japs “sakang”.

Why aren’t the russians complaining? They’re part of the joke too. Does this mean they’re not affected? Or we’re just over reacting?

Please Loren and Bong, we know you are just using this as part of your strategy for the next election.  Stick to what you do best… doing nothing.

Pwede ba, bago mag react against discrimination, ayusin nyo muna ang mga sarili nyo. Everyone’s a little bit racist, or bigot, or prejudiced. Grow up Pinoy.