Work-Blog Imbalance

The past week has been grueling I have ignored this blog yet again. 

Sorry. 😭 

Work required me to get cooped up for a full week with colleagues to discuss and deliberate the future plans for our new project. And we have yet to submit a proposal which is due this Friday. 

Can’t say I am excited but I am quite anxious. To be honest I am scouting for other work opportunities but I’ve yet to see something that would really interest me. Plus of course the package should be at par with what I am having, if not better. 

So this is it for now, folks! I will get back to you soon! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ 

Kimchi Fried Rice! Yum!

Lately I’m in a Korean state of mind. I have been listening to a lot of K Pop songs on spotify and looking at Korean Food shows online.

However korean ingredients are hard to find in this part of town except for Kimchi and Gochujang. And so I just cooked the easiest korean meal I can come up with… Kimchi Fried Rice!

That’s the crispy pork belly left over from yesterday. 

This meal is so easy to make and so satisfying. I just got my recipe online but I guess Koreans have their own versions so just google away! Besides, cooking fried rice is so easy.


House Chores are so Ugh!

I will have to admit that I am not at all thrilled doing house chores. Specially now that I am used to having someone (hey mom!) fix stuff for me and do the daily chores since I am at work everyday.

For those wondering, Filipino children live with their parents for as long as they like, in this case my mom lives with me as she is already a widow. Also she will not just sit around the house. Asian moms in their early 60s are still fairly strong and robust.

I know I am justifying my lazy ass. πŸ˜‚

Back to me, so mom is not around this weekend because she has to go to the province to attend the wake of her sister-in-law. That leaves me with no choice but to take over the house chores this weekend.

That’s how excited I am doing chores

The house is fairly easy to take care of. But we have two rowdy dogs who we all know need to do their thing every now and then. I love them but I hate scooping up their poop, even it was done in the yard.

I did enjoy cooking for myself! For lunch I made stir-fried brocolli in oyster sauce and crispy skinned baked pork belly. These are tried and tested recipes so it was not much of an effort. And so yum!

Look at those beauties.

Well I am off to clean the house and have my haircut. I am having kimchi fried rice for lunch so I will prep for that too. So I say to myself… good luck!

Happy weekend guys!

Bed talk

It is a strange feeling I have, being back in my room after two days of staying away to be with H. It has been quite a routine for 12 years now and I have owned this place for just as long and yet my room still feels unfamiliar at times. It is like I get better sleep in H’s place and I tend to wake up quite easily when I’m in my own bed.

It is probably the comfort of not just the bed, but the feeling of warmth that you get from sleeping with the one you love. Β The familiar snoring sounds you find soothing. The slight movements that sway you to sleep. And waking up to a drooling man beside you. Gross and adorable at the same time.

These sensations I try to take with me every time I am back home and alone in my own bed, but I fail to replicate them. Obviously.

And so I look forward to the next weekend where I leave this single bed, to the comfort of another room of my second home, to happily snore away in H’s embrace.


Back to my sanctuary (I Hope)

Okay so I posted earlier this morning that I will have a rebirth of this blog. Soon.

So the soon thing is kinda now. I think.

I realized that Facebook has almost killed blogging for some (if not most) of my blog friends. And now that Facebook is slowly killing us with the toxicity it now brings, it is probably time for me to return to blogging. This has been (or will always be) the sanctuary of my thoughts (and rants) and while FB offers the network that my current blog never had, I actually like the “distance” that it has now. I doubt it if people will be reading about this post anytime soon, but I don’t care anymore.

Also, I can moderate posts here, so there’s that freedom. πŸ˜› Continue reading “Back to my sanctuary (I Hope)”