Kimchi Fried Rice! Yum!

Lately I’m in a Korean state of mind. I have been listening to a lot of K Pop songs on spotify and looking at Korean Food shows online.

However korean ingredients are hard to find in this part of town except for Kimchi and Gochujang. And so I just cooked the easiest korean meal I can come up with… Kimchi Fried Rice!

That’s the crispy pork belly left over from yesterday. 

This meal is so easy to make and so satisfying. I just got my recipe online but I guess Koreans have their own versions so just google away! Besides, cooking fried rice is so easy.


Weekend! Yey!

I especially enjoy the weekend, as most of you would, because of the relative peace and quiet.

Of course a downside is that some of my neighbors opt to play their music systems a little louder than what I would prefer. And Celine Dion! Ugh.

Mom is giving the dog a bath. So cute. Yes I live with my mom, for my non-Filipino/Asian readers this is pretty common in this part of the world, parents living with their children even they get to be really really old.

Part of my weekend is also shared with H, as this is the only time that we can really be together. I am so looking forward to swim this weekend and fix my breaststroke. For those who still don’t know who H is, back read please.

Hope you have a great weekend guys!