House Chores are so Ugh!

I will have to admit that I am not at all thrilled doing house chores. Specially now that I am used to having someone (hey mom!) fix stuff for me and do the daily chores since I am at work everyday.

For those wondering, Filipino children live with their parents for as long as they like, in this case my mom lives with me as she is already a widow. Also she will not just sit around the house. Asian moms in their early 60s are still fairly strong and robust.

I know I am justifying my lazy ass. 😂

Back to me, so mom is not around this weekend because she has to go to the province to attend the wake of her sister-in-law. That leaves me with no choice but to take over the house chores this weekend.

That’s how excited I am doing chores

The house is fairly easy to take care of. But we have two rowdy dogs who we all know need to do their thing every now and then. I love them but I hate scooping up their poop, even it was done in the yard.

I did enjoy cooking for myself! For lunch I made stir-fried brocolli in oyster sauce and crispy skinned baked pork belly. These are tried and tested recipes so it was not much of an effort. And so yum!

Look at those beauties.

Well I am off to clean the house and have my haircut. I am having kimchi fried rice for lunch so I will prep for that too. So I say to myself… good luck!

Happy weekend guys!

Random musings: A date, japanese fauxsion, and foodstagram

Today H and I went out for a date after a looooong long while. It was nothing fancy, just something that we do after work, letting time pass by, waiting for the rush hour to ease.

I appreciate times like these with H. When we are the office we tend to be really professional and stiff. There used to be a time that we were super careful in even making small PDAs, as we felt that being officemates and lovers would be an issue. It probably still is, but we care about it less now than we used to.

Though that may have eased, still we can never be as relaxed as when it is just the two of us. We were having so much fun chatting that we didn’t even instagram our food! (Sidebar: Sumosam should really think about reinventing their Japanese Carbonara. It succeeds as regular carbonara, but mixing in shrimp tempura doesn’t make it japanese fusion, just sayin’)

Which is why we didn’t bother to take photos of the food for the ‘requisite’ instagram post. Its not really fusion but more of faux-sion (fake fusion? Hehe).

Speaking of which, I personally feel foodstagramming really ruins the dining experience, especially when you are out with your loved ones. Imagine wasting your time taking photos, tagging, and sending them out to the social media platform when the time could have been used to just talk, catch up on some chika, and just being there to enjoy the moment.

Okay, enough of my random musings. How did you spend your day today?

Bloggers’ Family Day at Mario’s

Imagine my surprise when I got an invitation from Ganns to attend a special lunch buffet at Mario’s in Quezon City last December 2. Aside from us, bloggers and people from traditional media were also invited as Mario’s unveiled its Holiday Buffet Specials for the Christmas season.

Mario’s Quezon City

Wait. A food event? I’m invited? I’m not known to be a foodie, my blog is not a food blog, and I can’t tell chorizo from longganiza if my life depended on it. So what the heck was I invited for? 😛

Anyway it was free (but of course!) so off we went. And I’m glad we did because the event not only showcased the food tradition that is Mario’s, I also got to meet some wonderful people, bloggers and all.

First off, we were greeted by our ever gracious and hyper host, Mr. Ganns Deen. I don’t know if he already ate but he had the energy of a 3 year-old who just finished a mug of super sweet cocoa drink. The guy’s on hyper sugar high mode (sorry Ganns)! In a single sweep (of about 15 seconds) he managed to shake our hands, introduce other guests, have our picture taken by the Christmas tree and have a short introduction of some boxed goodies by the tree. Whew! Flash would have been jealous. 😛

Ganns, Toni, Bridget and Moi

Ganns, Toni, Bridget and Moi. Nice sweaters by the way. Teehee. (Photo courtesy of Toni)

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